A Practical Guide for Multi-Media Dept

A Practical Guide for Multi-Media oOo in a Small or Medium size Parish oOo

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Executive Summary

Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee … and … to meditate day & night that I might have good success. The place of the Word of God is of high paramount to the success of a believer.

The importance and relevance of multimedia in 21st century churches cannot be over emphasized. We need to reposition ourselves such that the world at large will come to the true knowledge of Christ as instructed in His word. The Media Ministry supports just about every aspect of the church’s ministries. Nonetheless, an inherent function is the support to the Worship Ministry.

The Multi-Media sub unit (of the Technical Unit) in the parish is geared towards enhancing worship experience and aiding the capturing of valuable teaching in the church across the music, teaching, outreach and technical ministry. Thus, the unit should offer member of the church and everyone at large quality access to Word ministration.

OpenContent License should be adopted in order to grant free access and aid reproduction of recordings. However, such reproduction should not be for commercial gain by enterprises.

It is expected of a Media unit to be self sustaining, within a parish (church) and desire to grow to be a world-class audio-visual ministry outfit, comparable to any other. More importantly, become channel of outreach and spiritual growth.

Multi-Media (also refer to as Word & Sound) unit sets out to

capturing valuable teaching
offering large access to Word ministration, and being a
channel of outreach & spiritual growth, that
enhances worship experience growth.

The guide was initially written for the Word ‘n’ Sound (Multi-media) unit for RCCG Victory Centre (now Victory Tabernacle), Cape Town, South Africa in January 2009.
A series of updates has seen it adapted for RCCG House of Gold (House of Glory) in 2010 and RCCG “The Master’s Place”, Johannesburg, South Africa in 2012

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