Function of Multi-Media Dept

A Practical Guide for Multi-Media oOo in a Small or Medium size Parish oOo

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Function of Multi-Media Dept

The function the multi-media department plays draws largely from the mandate given to it. This arises from the vision and mission and the structure whether it is only sound or sound and media or sound, media and lighting or sound, media and technical all encompassing.

Typically, the multi-media department is responsible for the Parish’s audio and video productions (live and post). The team then provides the necessary sound engineering and visual production for services and other programmes to a professional standard.

This extends further to providing the congregation or visitors the opportunity to repetitively listen to life changing messages preached from the pulpit. Whereby, sermons are recorded for the church library and duplicated through varying media for sale.

It is not uncommon to see the multi-media (or technical department) consisting of several skilled members and trainees. It is pertinent to note that a number of these might not yet be classy as workers (especially in the RCCG where they might not have undergone the Workers-in-Training and as such would at best be classified as Volunteers). Nonetheless, the unit leader must ensure that they undergo proper orientation on the why and what of the unit as well as going through training to become “Workers”.

Audio Team: Operates and maintains the audio equipment before, during, and after each service. Sound checks and practices are done before the first service. If no separate team exists, they also operates ad maintain the lighting equipments.

Microphones, playback cassette tapes and CD’s, service recordings, and stage lighting are actively controlled and monitored during each service and between services.

Video Team: Operates the visual equipments and projects visuals that include song and sermon texts as well as short videos that facilitate worship. Records and project live visual especially for special programmes.

Sample multi-media department: RCCG Inspiration House UK

RCCG Rivers of Love, UK


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