Role and Function of Multi-Media Dept

A Practical Guide for Multi-Media oOo in a Small or Medium size Parish oOo

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Role and Function of Multi-Media Dept

Studies by educational researchers suggest that approximately 83% of human learning occurs visually, and the remaining 17% through the other senses – 11% through hearing, 3.5% through smell, 1% through taste, and 1.5% through touch.

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Media: Dúnlaoghaire Evangelical Church, Dublin

As John 4:23-24, puts it, there is a truth in worship. Part of the Truth (apart from the conviction of the heart and the enabling of worship by the Holy Spirit), comes from an understanding of the worship language and meaning.
Thus, when a worshipper has an understanding (‘logos’) of the words of the songs et al in English or in his/her native language or understood language, such a worshipper is able to connect with the worship session and might even have a Rhema from such

There are a number of benefits an effective media (audio-visual) unit brings to a parish. The core is as elucidated herewith;

Others highlighted below:
Through the media unit, member of the church and people at large would have enhanced, improved access to word ministration in the church.

    • Improved worship experience via enhanced systems
    • Improved access via enhanced audio and visual technical systems
    • Improved access through persistent media
  • Worshippers are able to worship better with knowledge of the lyrics and bible passages
  • Meaning are given to non-English songs as they are translated
  • Mass choir are able to minister better with on-screen lyrics.
  • Sermons are recorded for the church library and duplicated through media (CDs, DVDs, podcast, iPod
  • Congregation or visitors are provided opportunity to repetitively listen to life changing messages preached from the pulpit
  • The choir/praise team/choral group can get better as they can have a baseline to improve iteratively; going over their recorded ministration.
  • The choir is able to channel energy into releasing album if so desired.
  • A parish can begin to have a Word repository (Media Library) for members’ usage which can grow to include books/manuals and/or integrated into parish bookshop.
  • Selected messages can become part of first-timers welcome pack.
  • Selected messages can be used in visitation and other out-reach program; inviting people, evangelising amongst others.
  • There is a possibility of the success of the media unit methodology being reproduce-able for other units – bookshop, library …
  • Audio-visual capability would grow through iterative improvement of the media unit.
  • Multi-media equipment are better researched and introduce to further enhance existing rather than “bought per marketing gimmicks”
  • Processes and procedures are put in place and continually refined for better performance and increased maturity

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