Yoruba Bible (with unicode text)
NB: Contain unicode text. Ensure phone supports unicode fonts

Coming soon … in various format
Unbound Bible Text …
Android .apk
iphone, ipad …
and many more

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    Whatever copyright are placed on Bibles should not hinder “go ye and preach the gospel to all men”

    We have just compiled the Yoruba Bible and putting it out for public use

    The Making:
    Using the online html at as base, we have diligently (using lots of regex) come up with an Unbound Bible format.

    Further, we have using the Simple Bible reader from, come up with different format especially OSIS.
    With this, we hope that the Yoruba bible will be made widely available to many (especially to the over 25m people who speaks Yoruba over the world)


  2. Pls, the download link is not included on this page. pls, where / how can we download the Yoruba GoBible .jar ????????
    God Bless You ppl.

    • Sir, due to licensing restriction, we have remove the link.
      We will be grateful if you can also assist with “right” contact at the Bible Society of Nigeria in order to get their consent.

      Nonetheless, if you provide us more details about yourself, we might be able to send a copy to you or provide you with a temporary link.
      However, you will be required to sign a non disclosure agreement and non passing on to third party

      Bless you sir

      Yours truly


  3. Thank 4 ur effort at makin yoruba bible available for us.i leave in Ota in Ogun state.i really need the yoruba bible with me for effective evangelism and follow up.pls send me the “Non disclosure & non passing on to third party form” which will enable me to have access to yoruba bible freely.i alwys read it from Youversion website before but after upgrading their service i could not open the current yoruba version there to the desire books,chapters &verses.pls help me out.waiting and looking forward to read from you.thanks alot.may God richly bless and reward you

  4. Currently working on having Yoruba Bible work in for my church use, getting to know about this site was my joy but only to find that the link is no more available. Please is there a means of doing that without getting the Raw file from you if not can you forward to me the ‘”Non disclosure & non passing on to third party form”

    • We have sent you a direct response to your email.

      Meanwhile, you may want to check out VideoPsalm.
      We are currently evaluating and it looks promising.
      We are in touch with the producer regarding feature requests.

      PS: VideoPsalm has native support for Yoruba bible (It actually come with three different versions!)

    • Dear Owolabi Oluwatobi,

      We have sent you a direct link.
      Your feedback on your experience with the Yoruba bible in OpenLP will be highly appreciated.
      We hope in 2015 to work alongside one of the OpenLP developers here in South Africa to have it integrated officially.


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