Live Visual Composition

Enhancing Worship Experience through live visual composition

bluegraphOne area the Multi-Media sub unit (of Technical Unit) enhances worship experience is through live visual projection.

This might be basic as projecting texts (eg Hymn lyrics) on the screens (Projector screens, LCD/LED screens, straight/curved plasma screens et al). More advance variant are seen in animations, graphics, background motion loops, videos, live videos, text overlay, video mixing and even more advance concepts)

In this series, we will be looking at the basics and concepts of live visual composition. Kindly take some time to read through our:

For intense worship – See A Practical Guide for Multi-Media: Background – it is essential to note that worship is unto God and not the musical instrument(s) that dictates. Donald S. Whitney in “Ten More Ways to Improve Your Church’s Worship Service“, places emphasis on planning worship only for people who can worship which must be in order within them already (1 Cor 12:3, 14:23, 14:26), and technology must be kept in leach, hence the instrument (musical instruments, audio/sound engines, lighting, projection systems et al) are to Enhance Worship Experience and Entrench the Word in our heart. They are not to be the object or essence of worship in itself.

enhancing worship conceptFrom other posts, there exist a number of platforms to project onto the screens
(See Multi-Media Technical Operations)

What does live visual projection consist of.

  • Text | Graphic | Motion video | Video | Live Video

The “live” brings a sense of “dynamic and attentive“. Hence the attributes of a multimedia person becomes apparent.

Live Video Composition: VMix

For Academic/Theoretical articles: See Video composition methods and their semantics , and An Online Video Composition System

At the core of video composition is Chroma Key Effect: typically backgrounds are removed with Green or Blue.

Most (house of faith) projection systems (ProPresenter, VideoPsalm, OpenLP, EasySlides – development stalled, EasyWorship, Presentation Manager et al) would allow a multimedia operator to select a background (still or video) and overlay with text. Most except for VideoPsalm (at the moment), allow live video input.

For a number of small to medium size house of worship (churches), projection systems (as described above) might suit their need and more.

However, for larger house of worship, there would be need for more ‘advance system’. Here then comes live video composition systems. This will enable the ‘capturing’ of multiple scenes, use of various motion background, dynamic changing of looping background et al. Live video composition systems comes in hardware (Tricaster et al), hybrid (OEM) or software (installed or virtual machines)

Due to high hardware cost, and notably the power of modern computers, software based live composition systems are more reliable and becoming the systems of choice.

One of this is VMix (which has grown from a research project concept to award-winning Live Production and Streaming live composition Software).

To get started on VMix, kindly watch video clips on VMix, download VMix, use it for FREE for 60 days. Things gets interesting from here.

  1. Worship Enhance can assist you with workshop on Enhancing Worship Xperience, use of VMix, integrating with projection software …
  2. You can continue to use VMix for FREE by registering your copy. Caveat: You have a limited number of inputs that can be ‘composited’ (mixed)
  3. You can purchase license for VMix version that suits you best. Worship Enhance via SOAMS consulting would be willing to assist
  4. Spread the news


In coming articles, we will be providing “watch outs”, gotcha, tricks et al that will assist you in OPTIMISING your investment in live visual composition and projection system.
In 2015, we planned a country-wide workshop series starting at Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Partners much welcome.

Are your team running in auto-pilot mode. Are you prepared.

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